Mum’s major hair dye fail as bleach leaves her head ‘steaming’


A woman has joked that she was left looking like one half of Harry Enfield’s comedic duo Kevin and Perry after suffering a hair dye fail.

New mum, Hollie Murray spent three weeks in hospital with her baby in intensive care.

After being released, she decided to cheer herself up with a fresh new look, as she’d previously spent 12 years dyeing her hair black.

She felt it was time to brighten things up and wanted to give her locks a blue hue – a feat which would cost her around £200 according to a local hairdresser in Bournemouth.

For that price, the 25-year-old decided to do it herself at home, with the help of her partner Nathan Hennon.

The first step was to bleach her dark hair, in order to get the colour to show up.

The instructions said to leave the bleach on for 45 minutes, but after just three Hollie knew something had gone very wrong.

She soon found herself in unbearable pain and claims the foil her hair was wrapped in became as hot as a boiled kettle to touch.

If this weren’t enough, video footage of the hair dye incident shows steam coming off her head before she rinsed the product off.

Once the dye was removed, Hollie found that her hair had been ‘frazzled’ and was now a ginger colour – which hilariously resembled Kevin’s chin-length hairdo from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

And despite having to splash out on expensive conditioners and products as a result of the damage, the mum claims the whole thing was worth it for the laughs.

She said: “The whole thing was worth it purely for the Kevin thing. I’ve never seen my mum laugh so much and she needed it. It was really hilarious.

“I couldn’t even be upset or angry about it because it was just so funny. I couldn’t get the images out of my head.

“I felt awful when I realised my hair was smoking. I turned to my partner and said, ‘it’s actually burning, like boiling burning’. I put tinfoil on it because obviously in hairdressers’ they wrap it in foil. So I thought I was being clever by wrapping my hair in tinfoil.

“The tinfoil kept the heat in and it was boiling. Even to touch the tinfoil on the top of my head was like touching a kettle.”

She continued: “I lifted the tinfoil off and smoke came from my head, and he said you need to go [wash it off]. I laughed, kind of petrified scared laughing.

“I was really, really worried. I don’t know how my hair survived that but it did. I didn’t lose any hair. Now it is starting to snap.”

“We sat and giggled about it in disbelief really. He made the comparison once it was dry and you could see the ginger and that the ends were frazzled. He said, ‘do you know who you look like? Kevin’. Then he showed me the picture and I was absolutely in bits. It was hilarious.

“I sent it to everyone and they said it was brilliant. I have watched Kevin and Perry. I was saying to everyone, ‘all I want to do is do it’ and loads of other quotes. It was hilarious.”

Hollie has since spoken with a hairdresser about her situation. The expert advised that her hair was probably delicate due to post-pregnancy hormones and suggested combining the bleach with conditioner instead.

After two more attempts to bleach it across three days, the support worker finally got it to a colour where she could dye it blue as planned.

However after all the hassle, she’s not sure she wants to keep the bold colour.

She claims she has now spent the same amount of money as she was originally quoted – up to £200.

“I think after all of this I don’t actually know if I want it blue,” she added. “It’s cost me so much and a lot of time. It’s damaged my hair.

“I don’t know whether I need to get used to it after always having dark black hair or whether I just didn’t want it and had a bit of a meltdown. I’m just getting used to it. I’m not sure if it will stay.”